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A Few Words About Crypto Peko

Crypto Peko’s fundamental premise is that crypto is a game-changing technology and will go far beyond just an alternate currency. It will have an impact commensurate with past great technologies and will influence every industry and technology category.

We use “crypto” as catch-all terminology to encompass all things about this industry – cryptocurrencies themselves, blockchain technology, decentralization, and the community around this space. However, we go much deeper than just surface level or early stage use cases and seek to predict specific ways crypto will change the world.

Our philosophy

Crypto is in an exciting place and primed for big things ahead. Crypto Peko wants to turn that excitement into something a little more tangible. We recognize that many are skeptical – governments, incumbent institutions and corporations, the media, and mostly the common person.

That’s ok! But we don’t like hearing that use cases are non-existent or that this space is a scam, ponzi scheme, or place for criminals. In reality, some of the smartest people and investors are gravitating toward this space to build initial infrastructure and develop emerging use cases.

This website is about predicting the crypto use cases that exist today but receive limited publicity AND those that we think or wish will come to fruition. That’s all. We aren’t selling a product at this time.

Our aim is to bring more honest discussion to this space and help investors, policymakers, regulators, participants, and those that want to learn more or think about this space uniquely.

Our principles

  • We don’t take a position on specific cryptocurrencies – there are plenty of communities for that
  • While positive price action is wonderful, that’s also not our intent; instead we will be cheering for adoption
  • While some may find this site educational, we’re mostly after ideation and inviting discussion
  • We’re willing to put ourselves out there; predictions are hard but we’re aiming to get a few of these right
  • We don’t see crypto as all good or all bad. There will be pros and cons, like any other technological change
  • We don’t make much money on this website – if we recommend a product, it’s because we use it and like it. No shilling worthless crap!
  • This space is fun so let’s make it so!

We want to articulate where this is all headed and make it more accessible to all!